2019 Golden Semillon


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$27 Per Bottle

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Elderton has a proud history of producing great dessert wines and we are extremely excited to now continue this journey with the fourth vintage produced with fruit from our own Greenock vineyard. This wine continues to be very popular, especially with visitors to cellar door. The 2002 vintage was the Australian representative and just missed out on the title for the world’s best dessert wine at the London International Wine and Spirits Competition.

Our vineyard, located in Greenock in the west of the Barossa Valley was added to the Elderton family in 2010 and is a great addition to the portfolio. The 60 acre vineyard has plantings back to 1915 and a terroir that has been in demand by many of the Barossa’s elite winemakers. 12 – 44 year old Semillon vines were cordon cut and the fruit allowed to desiccate for 3 weeks on the vine.

Winemakers CommentsFrom a 1985 & 1999 planting of Semillon the vines were cordon cut and the fruit allowed to desiccate for three weeks on the vine. After hand picking it was crushed and held on skins for three days to help extract the flavour from the desiccated berries before pressing. Fermentation was long and slow due to the difficult conditions faced by the yeast. The fermentation was stopped and the wine filtered. The wine was then bottled and matured for release. - Richard Langford
StyleDessert, medium bodied
ColourLuminescent straw
AromaDried pear, apricots and figs
PalateDried pear and apricot marmalade with balancing acid finish
Vine Age20-34 years old
Soilfree draining and rich in ironstone
RegionGreenock, Barossa Valley
TH7.3 g/L